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When I first got started with sports betting, it was the sports arbitrage method that got me interested to begin with. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in a form of betting that allows you to profit no matter what the outcome of the game is?! Although the theory behind these so called surebets is sound, there is more to the system than meets the eye. One tool that will absolutely make or break your arbing is the arbitage alert service you use. In this review we will see if RebelBetting is a system that will fit the ticket.

RebelBetting is a arbitrage betting alert service combined with an automated betting browser.

In Arbitrage Betting Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When I got started with arbitrage betting I came across a few services that claimed their system could land you arbs of 50% or even more. In other words, you can place whatever size bet you want on a game and be sure to get 1,5 times the money in return.

If you think that sounds to good to be true – it’s because it IS.

In reality the real reason for such a profitable arbitrage is that one of the bookmakers have made an error  in quoting their odds, they may have reversed the odds of a match for example. In betting circles this is referred to as a palpable error (or “palp”), and all bookies reserve the right to void any bet based on such an obvious mistake.

This is one of the few risks with arbitrage betting, and any arb bigger than 25% will most often not be a valid arbitrage. Claiming so in your marketing clearly shows that you aren’t serious about arbitrage betting. Real arbs are usually somewhere in the range of 2 and 5 percent.

Swedish Reliability, Precision and Quality (no it’s NOT a Volvo)

RebelBetting was started as an experiment in 2007, by two professional poker player from Sweden.RebelBetting is very different in this regard. As soon as you visit their website you see that they aren’t trying to pull a fast one on you, but instead give you a thorough and reasonably realistic introduction to what is possible with arbitrage betting. They will even teach you all the basics you need to know entirely for free in their RebelBetting Arbitrage Boot Camp ebook.

I don’t know if the lack of hype has to do with the team behind RebelBetting being Swedish or not (Scandinavians usually get sceptical over the usual sales pitch of your typical “American style” sales letter), but you do in fact get a very complete picture of what you will receive – without having to pay any money up front.

RebelBetting was started in 2007 by two professional poker players who set out to program a software tool that would make a guaranteed profit betting on sports. Much to their surprise their very first prototype of the software made a profit of 12% percent in the first month of testing. The software was officially launched in July 2009, and today RebelBetting has users from over 120 countries that use the software as the foundation of their sports investing.

Quick and Accurate Arbs

To be successful with arbitrage betting you need to have two things:

1) Real time access to accurate and automatically calculated arbs.

2) A way of quickly placing above bets with two or more bookmakers.

RebelBetting provides you with both, all in one easy to use interface. Through the software application you will be able to:

  • Monitor bets in real time
  • Setup an alert (audible, visual and/or pop-up) that automatically notifies you of new arbs meeting certain criteria
  • Automatically log into the online sportsbooks and place the bets semi-automatically
  • Simply select your arbs, verify the bets and click OK – it’s that easy!

The betting browser currently supports 29 bookmakers, in 8 sports and 7 different markets. You can easily set up various filters to show only certain bookmakers, sports or arb sizes. It will also warn you about arbs that may be due to mistakes made by the bookmakers or other factors that requires extra caution.

The RebelBetting browser automates most of the betting process.

But instead of me rambling about all the features, why don’t you just download the free demo and check it out yourself! The demo version won’t show the actual bookies for arbs greater than 0,6%, but otherwise it is fully functional. You can play with it for as long as you want.


Successful sports arbitrage betting is entirely dependent on the quality of the alert service you use. All alerts need to be accurate and provided in real time.

As RebelBetting delivers this and more, it is really a service hard to fault. With a fee as low as 119 euro/month (for 3 months of service) you really get a lot of bang for your buck. Many competing services charge more without providing you faster or better arbs OR the automated betting browser.

And trust me, in order to confidently place arbitrage bets you don’t want to be fumbling around with manual logins, multiple browser windows and that kind of stuff!

If you want to consistently profit 10 – 20% each and every month through sports arbitrage betting, RebelBetting is definitely the system for you.

Click Here To Download Rebel Betting and Start Finding Profitable Arbs Today!


  • Arbitrage betting isn’t for everyone (I know this isn’t specific to RebelBetting but it’s the one negative thing I could come up with!)


  • Accurate arbs in real time
  • Betting browser that automates the betting process within one application
  • Great tutorials on how to become successful with arbitrage betting

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